The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ‘14 Release Preview Guide has been released. Get your copy from HERE.

New exciting features are being announced. It’s definitely worth a read. Some of the highlights include:

Enhancements to Marketing – visual campaign designer. There’s lots of hype around this one in the Marketing circles.

Lead scoring enhancements, including scoring on recency and frequency.

Power BI for Marketing – calculate ROMI.

Insight – bring in real-time organization and contact information. Social Buzz and breaking news features added. Aggregate data from various social networks and other sources (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outlook and connection sharing).

Unified Service Desk – handle multiple sessions simultaneously, as well as better visibility into key metrics.

Enhanced Case Management – merge cases, relate cases (parent-child), SLA support, automatic case creation. Also Social Case monitors social networks and identifies trends.

Parature – customer portal, Facebook portal, real-time chat. In addition, Parature adds enhancements to mobile, and to KB, finally supporting extended formatting of articles, and support for various media files.

Server-Side Sync for Online

Definitely looking forward to this big one!