With CRM 2013 we have now the quick create forms. These can be helpful, or they can create more confusion. So, how do they work?

First off, when enabled, where do you see these? They’re in various places, but the most important ones are:

1. On the Global Quick Create button


2. From within an existing record, by selecting New


By default, the following entities are enabled for Quick Create:

Activities – Tasks, Phone Calls, Emails and Appointments

Entities – Accounts, Cases, Competitors, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities

Enabling a new entity for Quick Create, or disabling the Quick Create on an existing one is done quite simply by going to the entity properties, on the General tab, in the Data Services section.


Just check/uncheck the Allow quick create.

Now, how do we customize what we see on these forms?

An entity must be configured to Allow quick create so we can add the quick create forms.

On the entity, go to Forms. You will find now that you have two new form options besides the well known Main and Mobile form. The new options are Quick View Form and the Quick Create Form.


If a Quick Create Form is not already present, create a new one. Add the required fields on this form and save. Don’t forget to publish your changes.

Some of the limitations of these forms include:

  • all fields reside in a single tab
  • no images can be displayed on this form

What you can do with this form includes:

  • set your formatting as needed using single, two column and three column settings
  • add custom events triggered by TabStateChange event


NOTE: In order for an entity to show in the Global Quick Create, it must not only have “Allow quick create” enabled, but it also must have a Quick Create Form created.