Recently I was trying to set-up a client’s Outlook to connect to a CRM 2013 instance. The user is in a new security role customized specifically for this group of users.

First hurdle encountered was clearly described as a permission issue:

“Principal user is missing prvReadUserSettings privilege.”


The fix for this is to go into the security role permissions, to the Business Management tab, and give permissions to Read to User Settings:


Amongst others, this will also fix the What’s New section on the Sales Activity Social Dashboard, from this:


to this:


Much better. But we’re still not done yet.

You still can’t connect your Outlook to CRM. The next failure return this message:

Error| Exception : Culture is not supported.

Now, that might easily send us in the wrong direction. The answer is actually really simple. All you need is, in the security group permissions, give Write to User Settings also.


Now it all works fine.